What is the difference between the Crown, Crown Sport, and Collection product lines?

Our Peter Millar Crown product line is ideal for everyday wear and features casual but polished styling. In addition to our core offering, we carry seasonal collections within our Crown product line: Seaside (Spring/Summer) and Mountainside (Autumn/Winter).

Our Peter Millar Collection product line offers refined and luxurious styling using impeccably crafted fabrications and tailored fit. When it comes to designing the perfect garments to represent a man’s reflection of his work, leisure time, and the way in which he travels, not one detail goes overlooked. For any setting or occasion, Peter Millar Collection offers the most polished interpretations of menswear.

Our Peter Millar Crown Sport product line is meant to improve every aspect of your wardrobe’s performance with an innovative approach to sportswear. The high-performance fabrication throughout our Crown Sport product line features moisture management, quick-dry and odor control technology, as well as sun protection and ease of care. Crown Sport contains styles that are equally versed for the golf course or out on the town.

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